Wednesday, 14 October 2020

October 2020 Calendar photo

 The October photo from our 2020 Calendar.

Our 2021 Calendar will soon be in the usual outlets.

Harvesting Sugar Beet

The photo was taken in 1967 on Ken Purcell’s Farm which was situated in the general area where Ballinakill Shopping Centre is today. The men in the photo are harvesting/pulling sugar beet for Ken Purcell who at that time was walking to Dublin on the 1967 NFA “Long March” to Dublin. In the Barony of Gaultier like many other Irish rural areas when there is harvesting or other vital farm work to be undertaken during a crisis, neighbouring farmers would always come to the farmer’s aid and the work would be completed. A similar incident took place on the farm of Bill O’Brien of Rathmoylan with the harvesting of tobacco in 1933 during the “Economic War” and the Nine County Waterford Farmers era.

        In this photo some of the farmers are holding “Bill Hooks” and others are holding “Cleavers”. Either one of these tools were used for the “topping” of the Sugar beet as the beet was pulled from the ground.

L – R: Eddie Lynch, Knockroe; Tom Aspel, Co. Wexford; Dick Walsh, Crooke; Eddie Delahunty , Kilcullen; Wille Gough, Carricksaggart; Seamus Barry, Newtown and Crooke; Martin Kent, Kilcullen Upper; Larry Farrell, Kill St Nicholas; Willie Gough, Kilmacomb; and Tom Burke, Drumrusk; kneeling in front.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

September BGHS 2020 Calendar

        Presentation of RNLI Medal Service Badge Medals     


 Dr. Michael Woods, Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources in the Haven Hotel, Dunmore East for the Presentation of Medal Service Badges on Friday 4th December 1998.   



In 1997 the Royal National Lifeboat Institution decided that crew members who received a Medal Service Certificate as a result of participating in a Medal Service call should now receive a Medal Service Badge. These Certificates have been awarded since 1955.

The Director of the RNLI, Lt, Cdr Brian Miles OBE said in his letter of the 19th of September 1997: - 

The Medal Service Certificate and Medal Service Badge are not awards in their own right, but are a form of recognition that a man or woman took part in a medal service which by its very nature was particularly arduous, requiring fine seamanship, teamwork and dedication. It will be worn with pride by those to whom it is given.

Back Row L-R: Joefy Murphy, Jack Colfer, Brendan Horgan, Brendan Glody, and Sean Kearns, Mrs McCabe widow of Dr. McCabe, John Whitty, Paddy Kavanagh, Minister Dr. Michael Woods, John Walsh, Liam Murphy, David Carroll, and Geoff Power.

Front Row L-R: Stan Power Jr, Stanley Power, Unknown, Ena Power, John Rocky Power, Ned Power, Kieran Dwyer and Louis Dwyer.

The following article was not in our 2020 calendar due to space constraints. We stated in the calendar that we hope to give more information on this presentation in our Facebook Page and now we are giving that information.

RNLI Badge Medals

On the 11th March 1964 a Bronze Medal fourth clasp was awarded Coxswain Patrick Power for rescuing six men from the Dutch motor vessel Jans Brons 2 in gale force winds.

Medal Service Certificates were presented to : - Mechanic Richard Murphy R.I.P.

                                                                                        Bowman Stanley Power

                                                                                        Crew member Captain C.H.Hazzell R.I.P.

                                                                                        Crew member William Wescott-Pitt

                                                                                        Crew member Sir Brian Warren

                                                                                        Crew member Dr. Michael McCabe R.I.P.

                                                                                         Crew member Arthur Westcott-Pitt R.I.P.

These 7 men are now entitled to receive a bronze MSB.

On the 4th October 1961 a Bronze medal third clasp was awarded to Coxswain Patrick Power for rescuing a man from a disabled barge and saving a second barge in a gale force wind.

Medal Service Certificates were presented to: - Acting Second Coxswain Maurice Power R.I.P.

                                                                                     Acting Mechanic John Power

                                                                                     Acting Assistant Mechanic Arthur Westcott-Pitt R.I.P.

                                                                                    Crew member Geoff Power

                                                                                    Crew member Edward Power

                                                                                    Crew member Captain C.H.Hazzell R.I.P.

                                                                                    Crew member William Westcott- Pitt

                                                                                    Crew member Desmond Carroll R.I.P.

These 8 men are now entitled to receive a bronze MSB

This article is transcribed directly from a brochure for the RNLI Medal Badge Presentation held on the 4th December 1998, that is featured on the August page in this our 2020 Calendar.

Our next post is also RNLI related and we would ask you to read it also. As a maritime Barony we owe a great deal of gratitude to the brave men and women of this wonderful voluntary organization.

Friday, 3 July 2020

July 2012 Calendar photo

The Pilots of Waterford Harbour

By the19th Century Waterford and New Ross had become busy ports with increased traffic on the rivers Suir and Barrow.  It is not clear when official pilots were introduced to guide ships up the rivers but there are records of certificated pilots from about 1840 onwards. Hobblers were those who boarded ships on entering Waterford Harbour in order to get the job of tying ships up when they reached their berths in either New Ross or Waterford. They may have also acted as unofficial pilots. Increasing numbers of these were lost when they went further out to meet ships in order to get the job of Hobbling and this may have resulted in the introduction of official pilots. Boats like the Gull (Right), and the Lilly Doreen (Top left) and the Betty Breen (Bottom left) illustrate the type of craft used in the pilot service. It became tradition for certain families to provide pilots and names like Glody, Kelly, Rogers, Walsh and Burke appear regularly in the annals of the pilot service.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

July 2020 Calendar photo

The July photo from the 2020 BGHS Calendar.
The Blessing of the Boats at Cheekpoint 1964

An annual ritual, the fishermen of the village and their families gathered for the event.  The punt in the photo was called the Bernadette and was built by Charlie McCarthy.  The punt was later bought by John Doherty.  In the background the site for Great Island Power station is being cleared.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Doherty
Article by Andrew Doherty

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Our June photo from our 2016 Calendar

Boys outside Ballygunner Church 1922.

Back row L – R: Tom Phelan, Michael Joe Fitzpatrick, Mickey (Baker) Power, mickey (Froggy) Power, Jackie Howlett, Tom Veale, Mattie Dunne, Tom (Baker) Power.

Middle row L – R: Paddy (Pio) Long, Jimmy O’Neill, Richie Myler, Tom Ivory, Eddie Phelan, Tom Lyons.

Front row L – R: Tommy Murphy, Jimmy (Brasscock) Sullivan, Jasie Condon, Charlie Sullivan, Nicholas Aylward, Dick Ivory.