Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Summer Solstice in Gaultier, Co Waterford

On Saturday 18th June the Gaultier Historical Society arranged a very succesful event to mark the Summer Soltice at Harristown Megalithic Passage Tomb. For many of the large number of attendees it was their first visit to this historic location that is only 2 miles from bustling Dunmore East village in Co Waterford. Society  Chairman Richie Roberts welcomed everybody including a group from Vancouver, Canada and there was a well chosen range of short talks from members on the historic importance of the location and the tomb itself.
Chairman Richie Roberts

 Eamon Gavin spoke about the differing types of tombs and dolmens etc. Noel McDonagh detailed the rich  range of local history that is connected to the druids. There was a nice recitation of  Yeats' poetry from Ray McGrath and Cathy Desmond played a haunting tune on the violin.

The group adjourned to Aggies Pub in Killea where mine host Pat Flynn served up the traditional ribs and colcannon supper. The evening was rounded off with some excellent music from local musicians.

Ray McGrath recites a Yeats" poem with Cathy Desmond in violin (mp3)

Noel McDonagh talks about his discoveries on Woodstown Beach

Noel McDonagh delivers a recent talk on his discoveries on the shoreline at Woodstown beach , Co Waterford where his findings included primitive tools. He also speaks about the great range of historic artifacts that remain undiscovered.

Noel McDonagh talks about his discoveries of historical artifacts on Woidstown Beach No 1 on (mp3)

Harristown Landmarks

Pat Flynn describes the landmarks surrounding and visible from Harristown tomb

Pat Flynn describes the topography and landmarks at Harristown (mp3)